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At, we're committed to ensuring you save every day while shopping online. Our goal is to uncover everyday the top coupon codes, promotions, and deals, simplifying your shopping experience and guaranteeing savings – both in your wallet and your time.

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We help you save money while shopping online. With our expertise in finding the best discount codes and deals, we ensure that you can always enjoy great offers. Whether you're looking for clothing, electronics, travel, or anything else, we have almost all the discount codes you need!

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At, our experts work tirelessly every day to gather the best deals from over 20 stores. We strive to always provide you with the most up-to-date discount codes and deals, so you can consistently benefit from the latest offers and save money while shopping. Among the online stores we collect discount codes for are Fiverr, The Luxury Closet, Newchic and Ethiopian Airlines.

Discountify operates in 40 countries

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Visitors save 2 million euros annually

The history of Discountify

In 2014, launched as the go-to destination for discount codes, with one goal in mind: to provide top deals to the Dutch. We grew steadily, built a reliable reputation, and made valuable discounts available to our users.

Starting from 2019, we began to spread our wings internationally. We launched portals in Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and Germany, allowing us to reach a broader audience and assist even more people in saving money online.

This step towards international expansion was just the beginning. Nowadays, you can find our coupon sites in more than 40 countries. With each new stride, we remain faithful to our mission of helping people save worldwide, aiming to become a trusted source of discounts and deals wherever you are.

At Discountify, our mission is clear: we aim to make shopping more enjoyable, affordable, and convenient for everyone.

Our experts, operating from our office in the Netherlands, scour the internet for the best deals and discounts. They search through newsletters, social media, and of course, the websites of the stores themselves. Wherever a discount code can be found, you can be sure that we have collected it on

Thanks to these efforts, our visitors can save significant amounts of money. With the rise of AI, we have also embraced these technologies. Read below to learn more about our innovative approaches.

Screenshot in 2014

First version of the website in 2014

Screenshot in 2017

Redesign of the website in 2017

Screenshot in 2021

Last website update in 2022

How do we help you save money?

The latest discount codes

We are committed to continuously gathering and sharing the most recent discount codes and promotions to collect and share, so you can always take advantage of the latest offers.

Holiday savings

Whether it's Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, or Black Friday, every special sales period receives our attention, as many stores tend to offer their discounts during these occasions.


At Discountify, you are our top priority. No matter what product you're looking for, we'll always strive to find a suitable discount code for your favorite shops.

Exclusive offers

Sometimes, we can offer exclusive discount codes that you can only find with us, allowing you to save even more.

User-friendliness at the forefront

Our website is designed with usability and speed in mind, so you can easily find the discount codes you need. We continually make improvements to ensure this. We never stop evolving.

Saving tips

Enhance your shopping experience with our practical saving tips that assist you in saving money on all your purchases. We provide you with tips on how to save on insurance, groceries, gifts, and through DIYs.

Savings experts AI = even more and better deals

At, we are always seeking ways to enhance our service and provide our users with an even better experience. That's why we leverage new AI technologies to assist our experts in discovering and sharing the best discount codes and promotions.

Smart search algorithms

Our AI-powered search algorithms continuously scour the internet to find the most up-to-date discount codes, ensuring that we remain always up-to-date with the latest offers.

Continuous improvement

The AI systems we utilize continuously learn and improve themselves as they gather more data and recognize patterns, enabling us to become increasingly accurate and comprehensive in discovering discount codes.


We integrate advanced AI technologies to continually enhance our website. This ensures that the discount codes and offers displayed become increasingly relevant to you, the shopper.


By leveraging predictive analysis, we can identify shopping trends and anticipate future discount events.

Our team of experts

Our team consists of over 10 individuals who work hard every day from all over the world to find and share the latest discount codes and deals. Whether it's checking codes, discovering new deals, or improving our website, we're always here to assist you.

How we make money

At, we earn our revenue through affiliate marketing. When you make a purchase via our website using a discount code or offer we've provided, we receive a small commission from the store. This doesn't cost you, the user, anything extra and enables us to continue improving our service and maintaining our systems.